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Company profile

Madisoft Inc. is a software company, established in 2013 by brothers Matteo Moretti and Diego Moretti (who were, at that time, respectively 28 and 23 years old), in order to offer services oriented to the educational system/market. Initially, Madisoft had 1 emoployee (in addition to the co-founders) and less than 10 client schools in Macerata territory. Within only 3 years, though, Madisoft has completely changed itself: today there are about 20 employees, who work partly in the company headquarters, in Macerata, partly remotely (therefore throughout the national territory), business partners in all the regions, and about 1,000 client schools from Northern to Southern Italy, with the highest concentration in Marche, Umbria, Lombardia, Emilia Romagna and in the North-Eastern regions.

Madisoft’s customers are Italian public schools, to whom supplies its main product, software “Nuvola”; Nuvola serves different work fields of the school, from administration to teaching, involving also students and their families, with more than 2 million users, and becoming, in fact, a software that manages and organizes school work flow in its various forms.

This stunning growth has brought Madisoft from being a Limited Company (Madisoft Srl) to being a Corporation (Madisoft SpA).

These important achievements (among which the Cloud Innovation Award conferred to Madisoft by Politecnico di Milano University) are the result of an accurate work of on-going/continuous research of quality and innovation, attracting partnership with the most expert sector professionals and resorting to the most recent technologies as work instruments.

Madisoft strongly believes in quality: an high product quality can be only reach if there’s a very high-quality team behind it. Visit the “work with us” section to know more and discover what the current openings are.

Madisoft fully embraces open-source languages, software and technologies and feels responsible for contributing to the communities around them. In Madisoft taking part at events, conferences and meetups (also as speakers), contributing to open-source and trying to spread out our knowledge is part of everyone’s job. Show more on “Madisoft & Community“.