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Our team and philosophy

Since 2014 we embrace fully remote working, so you can work from the place you prefer. Backend php developers, fronted developers and dev-ops engineers: we work together with passion and enthusiasm to push forward our main project Nuvola.

Madisoft is a cool place to work, thanks to the company’s flexibility: we are positive, relaxed and easy-going. We try to maintain a friendly yet professional environment. We don’t have formal meetings, only a couple of quick weekly calls. It’s very crucial to us that every employee feels like an important part of the company.

We believe in quality and innovation: that’s why we strongly encourage ongoing formation of our team members, through conference sponsorship and participation (also as speakers), local or online tech meetups, collaboration with universities (both master degree thesis and PhD joint financing). We also strongly believe in open-source software and technologies. Trying to give back something to the community is part of our day-to-day job. Go to “Madisoft & Community” to find out more.


It’s our flagship project and serves different work fields of the school, from administration to teaching, involving also students and their families, with more than 2 million users, and becoming, in fact, a software that manages and organizes school work flow in its various forms.

It’s an amazing project and here are some stats only to give you an idea:

  • used by more than 1000 public Italian schools since 2013, more than 150.000 teachers, 1 million students, 2 millions parents
  • over 3 millions page view every day
  • more than 100 millions documents created in the last year

Thanks to this very cool project we gave some very interesting conference talks and we was awarded by well-known schools and companies like Politecnico di Milano.

What we offer

  • working on something that create a better education system and help teachers and schools to accomplish their mission: educate people
  • remote working: you can work from wherever you like. Feel free to arrange your working day as you prefer
  • possibility to earn as much as you think you deserve, accordingly to your knowledge and your will to push ahead your career
  • a single enterprise project to work with, used by millions of people every day. No hurry clients, no deadline for yesterday. Take your time to do your job. Our goal is to do it well
  • highly-skilled team members, who have been working with the state of the art tools for many years
  • agile methodologies and innovative tools. Remote working pushes ahead quality.
  • attendance at national and international conferences
  • giving back to the community by contributing to open-source project, speaking (in you want) at events and writing articles for our tech blog

What we require

  • Passion and enthusiasm for your job
  • Love for coding
  • Agile problem-solving
  • Strong communication skills
  • Knowledge of written English (our team is currently made up by Italians, so spoken English is not required)

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