SymfonyDay Italy: videos

Hello everybody, we are pleased to announce that finally videos of SfDayIT2016 have been posted by GrUSP onto Vimeo channel. If you don’t know that we were selected as speakers for that event, well, now you are aware  😀 Below you…

What’s new in PHP7.1

Introduction If you have not read yet our blog post about new features in PHP7, we highly recommend to do so before continue reading. In this post we’re going to analyze new features proposed by PHP7.1 that have “seen the light”…

What’s new in PHP7

Haven’t you switched to PHP7 yet? If not, you should read “How Badoo saved one million dollars switching to PHP7” and consider to change your version. Moreover, remind to update at least to 5.6 version: it’s now the only minor 5.x release that…

Symfony form pills – Value object

Suppose that we have a value object or, more in general, an object where its data has been set in the constructor

and its FormType

Let’s assume that bar and foobar are taken from HTTP POST values (so, basically, we need those values to be posted…

Don’t rely entity setters (order)

What this code does?

It’s a simple class that represent a DateTimeInterval with a flag named allDayLong that let an object of DateTimeInterval class to fill all day. You can see that setFrom and setTo are affected from allDayLong flag: if is set, time of…

PHPSpec – Array of mocks in constructor: a practical example

If you know PHPSpec a bit, you certainly are aware of let function.

that helps you to define “automagic” mocks handled directly by PHPSpec and that you can pass to your example

If type and name of your mock…