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Madisoft & Community

Madisoft fully embraces open-source languages, software and technologies and feels responsible for contributing to the communities around them. In Madisoft taking part at events, conferences and meetups (also as speakers), contributing to open-source and trying to spread out our knowledge is part of everyone’s job.

We also use (as readers) Stackoverflow a lot but we also are active members: (thanks @Doncallisto!)

Moreover here are some open-source projects we’ve contributed and continue to:

AWS Summit 2017

Madisoft will take part as speaker at AWS summit 2017 in Milan

2017 PHPDay & JSDay sponsoring

Nuvola showcase on

2016 events sponsorship

In 2016 Madisoft sponsored some great events:

  • PhpDay
  • JsDay
  • Symfony day
  • Incontrodevops
  • Reactjs Day

Symfony day 2015 main sponsor

Seeweb case study

Cloud Innovation Award

Madisoft awarded by School of Management of Politecnico di Milano with Cloud Innovation Award!