Nuvola: a tale of migration to AWS

In this series of articles we will describe our migration experience to AWS.

Why a migration?

Our old provider had limits. We had to overcome.

In particular:

  • No automation
  • No flexibility
  • No autoscaling

If we wanted to grow it was necessary to migrate to a provider with these features.

Need of change

From the new provider we expected to find these features:

  • Infrastructure as code
  • Flexibility
  • Horizontal scaling
  • Multiple environments
  • All services by one provider
  • Cost optimization

We analyzed all the possibilities and the choice was AWS. There was everything we needed, even more!

Infrastructure as code

How to create an infrastructure as a code? There are many alternatives. We chose Ansible.


  • IT automation tool
  • Easy lo learn
  • No coding skills. It uses YAML
  • No agents on target machines
  • Ready-made AWS modules
  • Can be easily idempotent

In the next article we’ll show you another chapter of our migration to AWS.

Stay tuned!

Loreno Edelmondo
Loreno Edelmondo
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