Saturday the 15th of October we leaved the comfort of our couches (have we already said we are a distributed team from all around Italy?) to leave to the glorious destination of Rome!

The ancient town best known for the engineers of the Roman empire, was once again at center of the technological world! Loreno (one of the members of our team) and his friend Andrea organized a very wonderful AWS meetup in Rome and, obviously, we could not miss it!

The lazy Saturday started with a very interesting talk from the great Danilo Poccia on IOT and AWS with the title “Connecting the Unconnected: IoT Made Simple”: we really liked the approach of building a complex network of sensors and the correlated intricacies of managing a big collection of data without using a single EC2 instance!

Following, Paolo Latella presented his own vision of Continuos Integregation/Delivery using the most from AWS services: very interesting talk full of examples and solutions to common IT scenarios.

Alex Casalboni presented a very hot topic with superb aplomb: IA with AWS tools. He nailed the subtle problems related to scaling complex computational problems like the ones linked to artificial intelligence and replied with extreme accuracy to the question on how to move a prototype single workstation working algorithm to the cloud computing era. Kudos!

Dulcis in fundo, Matteo Moretti (by the way our C.T.O. 🙂 ) presented a tale of a corporation migrating all of its services to AWS: can you guess who that company was? (here are the slides)

Concluded the evening one of the most satisfactory (and delicious!) party we have participated in a long time! Kudos to the organizers!

Always in Rome, we will be at the Symfony Day 2016 with the most of our team, hope to see you there!


Matteo Moretti
Matteo Moretti
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