Sfday Italy, Virtual Edition: Stop Mocking Everything

On Friday, November 20th the first sfday Italy Virtual Edition will take place. This will be the first edition as, unfortunately, we cannot join together in Verona due to Covid-19 restrictions. But Covid-19 didn’t stop the conference from taking place and, as usual, Madisoft will support GrUSP by sponsoring the event.

Moreover, because I believe in the importance of knowledge sharing, as a way of supporting the event, I submitted a talk proposal about unit testing and mocks.

DRUM ROLL… The talk was accepted! This means I will join other speakers in an effort to share my experience about TDD. This will be the sixth time a member of our Madisoft team gets to speak at this conference and we are proud of this result!

For us it’s important to give something back to the community, and let others know how we work and what you should expect if you choose to join our team. If you didn’t know it already, we are always looking for more skilled and passionate developers!

Getting back to my talk, it will be a 45-minutes session (plus 15 minutes for questions, for a total of nearly 60 minutes) where I’m not going use slides. As a matter of fact, I will be sharing my editor and terminal, write some real code samples, and try to explain why using mocks blindlessly could be a cause of headaches and waste your time. I will be pointing out when mocks (and test doubles in general) will force to update test code if the system under test changes. I will also provide an alternative way, which I’ll compare to our previous mocking approach. Hopefully it will be enjoyable and informative, and you will learn something you didn’t know before.

See you there in a week!

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