Symfony 5: the fast track, updated (5.2)

Hey folks, DonCallisto here.

Just a little update. Since today is available the new version (5.2) of Symfony 5 official book named “Symfony 5: the fast track”. We have proudly helped with the translation, in italian language, of the first version and we also contributed to brand new one that you can find here.

This is the official Symfony 5 book and shows concepts and practical examples focusing on RAD (Rapid Application Development). If you are a new Symfony user it can help a lot to dramatically lower the learning curve of the framework, but if you’re a long time adopter of Symfony framework, don’t panic! This guide is a good starting point for being updated on latest Symfony innovations!

Have a good read and if you would like to be part of the translation team, for the upcoming versions, don’t hesitate to send and email (samuele.lilli@madisoft.it) or catch me on twitter (@SamueleLilli).

See you next time!


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