Lambda function manager

When we started developing Lambda functions to automate processes, or simply to delegate various jobs, compared to our infrastructure, we faced the problem of how to handle the deploy of functions and maintain the versions of this code. There are many frameworks, more or less useful and well done, but…

Multiple services on multiple env: how do I find them?

In the previous articles we created our infrastructure on AWS and configured the services. All using Ansible and creating an infrastructure as code. When the number of servers or services grows, keeping track of their names clearly can be complicated. This article describes how to manage your servers automatically using AWS Route53….

Provisioning Playbooks

In the previous article we showed you how we created our infrastructure as code. This article describes how to configure services within our EC2 instances.  Provision Backend Let’s start with a bash script to run the playbooks:

Here is the playbook used to configure backend services:

Let’s focus on php…

Infrastructure scripts

In the previous article we described the reasons that made us change the provider.  In this article we will describe how we built our infrastructure as code. As a first step let’s create a bash script to run the playbook:

With the flexibility of AWS & Ansible we can easily craft an isolated…

Nuvola: a tale of migration to AWS

In this series of articles we will describe our migration experience to AWS. Why a migration? Our old provider had limits. We had to overcome. In particular: No automation No flexibility No autoscaling If we wanted to grow it was necessary to migrate to a provider with these features. Need…