Next stop: Codemotion – Italian Edition 2021

Hey folks, DonCallisto here.

I’m glad to announce I’ll be speaking at next Codemotion online tech conf – Italian edition that will take place online in March (my workshop is listed in “Frontend” section, but I’m sure it’s a mistake).

This will be my first workshop ever and it’s focused on TDD and why you should stop using mocks blindlessly in your codebase. You will join me and other passionate developers in an hands on journey, starting from what mocks and test doubles are, continuing with practical examples where real code is analyzed before your naked eyes, just to show what are the issues that may arise when you use mocks, and ending with alternative implementations. At the end I’ll try to show when mocks are instead a safety net and how you can take advantage of them in the right way. Hopefully it will be fun and you can grasp some useful concepts that will boost your unit testing skills.

I had a couple of talks on this subject before (@SymfonyDayIT and @PuGRomagna), so if you would like to have a preview, click on the links and see by yourself.

Remember, the rendez vouz is on Thursday, 25th March.

Stay safe everyone and “see” you there!

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